From Japan for you! More fun and comfort travelling around the world.
MUJI introduces to you travel products that include 5 essences of Japanese values.

Typical Japanese value. Fourthly: Relaxation.

The first step to a great journey starts with a pleasant time at the airport and hotel.
Products that help you to thoroughly relax will support you on your travels.

22Neck cushion

  • A cushion, perfectly suited to relieve and relax your neck and back.
  • Cuddly thanks to its micro plastic sphere padding.

23Travel neck cushion

  • The cushion is perfect for rest periods in the airplane or car.
  • The set contains an inflatable cushion, cushion cover and storage bag.


  • Thanks to its high flexibility it hugs to the ear.

25Travel slipper

  • Comes with a bag convenient for transportation.
  • No need to worry about stains! Just put them into the washer.
  • The material for the sole can easily be wiped clean.

26Travel sleeping mask

  • Made of soft and cuddly Indian cotton.

27Exfoliating cloth on the go

  • Made of stretch material that, while washing, will adapt to the body.
  • Comes in a small box ideal for transportation.